Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well isn't this a bloody mess?

You leave for a while and some gremlin comes in and messes the place up! I guess I need to call one of my smart friends to assist in this housecleaning effort. For my part I'll merely place the blame on Blogger and appeal to your altruistic natures to get out a broom and shovel here.

I have indeed been much absent here of late obviously. I could bore you all to tears and recount the trials and tribulations of the past few months, but I'll spare you the indignity of a blow by blow report. Let it suffice to say matters both professional and personal have kept me quite occupied in both the physical and mental sense.

And in truth I've withdrawn somewhat these last few months for other reasons. For one I genuinely wonder what, if anything, this exercise in vanity is accomplishing. Other than to give me a place to vent. Also, given my general disgust with the world as a whole here of late I felt any commentary would lend itself to nothing more than bitter words thrown against an increasingly uncivil world. And frankly that's nothing I feel I need to be a party to. For my own mental health if nothing else.

Mental candy in the form of harmless escape I suppose can be found on Facebook- which is fine! I really think we all need a bit of that every day to help keep us from going barking mad. But on that subject I have to admit I find some uncomfortable associations (I think Cowbell and Sage probably genuinely understand this) that have been created. On the one hand it has been nice to reconnect with any number of people. On the other hand what the fuck kind of trauma turned some of them in to right wing conservatives? Let's face it, with exceptions, most conservatives may well be perfectly sane people individually. The problems only seem to start much as it does with dogs- they start running in a pack and they turn feral on you. Be that as it may- saying Hi is one thing, catching up is fine, but there are some parts of my life I care not to share with those folks. The nom de plume in this venue has it's reasons.

So I guess I dismantle it or fix it and resume as before and come what may. Or come up with another alternative. I expect I'd better sit myself down for a little talking to.

Carry on with the rest of your day people, be nice to each other out there.


Willym said...

You've been missd you know. I'm hoping that we start hearing from you more regular.

And I've been real bad at keeping in touch - I'll try and do better.

Fortunately I haven't run into too many old friends that are neo-crypto-Fascistic-Socialist-Nazis on Facebook.. yet.


Willym said...

And if you need a hand tidying up you know who to call....

Sling said...

I knew if I checked back every day,the prodigal Doralong would return!
I find that I just don't have much use for the Facebook,Myspace,Twitter thing.
When I take that long walk back through my past,there isn't a single person I feel any need to connect with..That's just me.
Besides..There's enough LOL's in the world already,and I prefer my vain observations in complete sentences.

secret agent woman said...

Ha! I'd wondered where you'd gone. I can't get into Facebook - I like the more complete give and take of blogging better. And even from a single post I have that sense of, "Well, nice to hear from her."

sageweb said...

Welcome back!
Having my Mom on facebook has kept me from spouting off on there. I had a friend from back home ask me how everyone turned so right wingy....her and I are about the only "normal" ones..hahaha...oh well not everyone can be cool like us.

Doralong said...

Thanks for stepping up to the plate there Wills, so kind of you!

Sling- I know I have the curse of (mostly) thinking in complete sentences too.

Elizabeth said...

Oh sweetie, I know....

It's nice to see you back on this side of the computer. I've had to limit FB because my mother and my kids are on it, and because 75% of the "old friends" who have found me on FB are born-again Christians. I mean, really, how many chipper quotes from scripture can a girl stand? And, as much as I'd like to sometimes, can you really unfriend your mom? Sigh.

That being said, I've been awful about my blog too. For me, I've realized that I'm still trying to deal with my husband's surgery and diagnosis. And honestly,even I just want to slap myself sometimes and say "Get OVER it!" So I'm not going to keep droning on and on about it on my blog....

Anyway, I've thought of you and wondered how you were coping. xoxoxo

evilganome said...

Hey sugar! I know what you mean about the existential blogger crisis. I've kinda been going through the same myself. I'll give you a call and we can blow through some of our cell minutes and put the world to rights.

more cowbell said...

hey, it looks normal around here again! Listen honey, the importance of having that "place to vent" deal can not be stressed enough. It does help with the sanity ...

I studied up on FB privacy settings - there is a lot more control than I'd initially realized. I have things locked down. I am not even "friendable" -- only "friends of friends" may friend-request me. I did that because, as you may have read in various posts, I hail from a small midwestern country town, and the thought of the high school crowd and former religious zealot crowd friending me ... in the words of their hero Sarah Palin, thanks but no thanks.

It's worked pretty well, actually. The few conservatives who are FB-friends are on a list called, appropriately, "Conservatives", and I have their access restricted, so they don't see everything on my site.

more cowbell said...

Oh wait, i take that back ... I scrolled down, and it still looks kind of weird. Maybe try to rechoose your template?


i thougth you had given up on blogging and kicked you to the curb..sigh*..sorry..

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