Friday, June 27, 2008

Goddess save me..

It's that time of year again folks. The family summer vacay. Don't get me wrong, I really do love them dearly, in spite of the fact that there are days when I contemplate the myriad applications of duct tape. Just shoot me now, OK?

Now y'all know full well this ain't a Ward, June and the kids kinda household... Which often makes for a fair amount of fun. And equally as often makes for severe irritation. I myself am not a big believer in forced fun. Whilst one can and should plan, the kids are at the age that some real flexibility needs to be built into the scenario. Sixteen is just a shitty age, OK? Miss Thing is by and large a delight and always has been, but she's sixteen for crying out loud! There's only so much family togetherness your average teenager is going to tolerate before the big ass 'tude makes it's appearance. The Hurricane is getting too big for his britches here of late, perfectly age appropriate for a nearly 11 year old male child in my opinion. The Beast however isn't quite as understanding.. Let the games begin! Remind me to pack my striped shirt and whistle, OK?

Now my idea of a vacation tends to be one where my lazy ass does as little as possible. Preferably involving a very nice hotel, a spa, a very nice pool and really good resturants. I personally see nothing wrong with this viewpoint. While I am in no way adverse to fun, games and activity- quite frankly I want my sorry ass to be waited on! I wait on other people the other 50 or so weeks out of the year, this to me does not seem to be an unreasonable criteria. I tip extremely well and I am never rude, I figure this balances the karma.

So what has the vote been for this year you ask? Oh let's rent a lake house! Swell! I get to cook, clean and scale fish in another house- fabulous!! Now I realize this is bitchy. I realize I should grant myself lucky to have the luxury of a summer vacation.. I know I'm being selfish. But this is simply not a vacation for yours truly. And I'm sorry but the assurance of "We'll go out for dinner a couple of nights" just isn't cutting it for me. I'm sure there at least has to be a decent day spa within driving distance, right? Oh hell no! Remind me to hit the Beverages Plus store before departing.

So in the interest of family harmony and karmic realignment I vent this nastiness on you fine people so I can get over it. Sorry y'all. And yes, obviously I really am a shallow bitch.

Have a swell weekend, a lovely 4th of July and go forth and be kind to your fellow humans. Carry on..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Well imagine that!

I've been babbling into the ether for an entire year now.. It's been an interesting year in many ways. I've learned a bit about myself, I've made some wonderful new friends along the way, and I managed to bore you fine people into insensibility for twelve whole months..

Thank you all for your support, the laughs and the friendship! Get out there and enjoy the solstice folks..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My inspiration to dance at a very young age, the incomparable and amazing Cyd Charisse.. She had a physicality that few female dancers of that era possessed. She could hold her own with Kelley and Astaire with the table trick and jumps and props- but had that classic elegance and technique that made her absolutely mesmerizing.. That and I love a fellow brunette with an attitude.

May she rest in peace.

Busy, busy, busy..

I have been properly chastised for not at least trying to pop in on a more regular basis around these parts. Things have been just bat shit crazy the past couple of weeks. The end of school was the usual rush of multiple functions, final exam stress spillover and other fun bits. I'm trying to get Daddy's 80th birthday party pulled together. You try pulling one of those off in a rehab facility..OY!! My advice? Don't. What a pain in the ass. You'd think birthdays were some sort of foreign concept to these people or something.

And, as a few of you know, I finally got a job! Why yes I realize two kids, a house, two dogs and a helpless man is a full time job, thank you very much- I mean the kind with a check and a retirement plan. I'll still be working out of the house until probably early September, and I can't say going back to herding doctors was really what I wanted to do, but hey I'm good at it and he's willing to pay me a more than reasonable salary. He's very nice, and very young. I'll have to stop referring to him as "Doogie Howser, M.D." or it's going to slip out at an inopportune moment if I'm not careful. I think it will be a good match in the long run, an earnest and bright but naive young man such as himself needs a mean old bitch like me to look out for him. Starting a practice from scratch is quite a task, but one I've done before, so in the long run I think everyone will come out OK on this deal.

Be happy, and be nice to each other ut there. Carry on..

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I always knew I liked Dennis Kucinich.

Even if it happens 12/31/2008 it's the principle of the matter, I'd like to believe there is still accountability in this universe.

Now go write your congressperson. And if you can stomach it, read all 35 articles..

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm fine, thanks!

Just a quick post and a thanks to those of you that emailed after the big storm. The house is standing, vehicles unscathed and everyone is fine.

We finally got electricity back this afternoon!! Woo Hoo!! So after cleaning the nasty fridges and making the joint habitable, it's time for a hot meal and a very, very long hot bath!

Thanks for checking in on me brother dear, and you other lovely folks too!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Six Things-

Well, Jeff tagged me so I shall respond. But I'll be a slacker and not tag in kind. Mainly because I've already irritated my friends.. But Mamma taught me it's rude to ignore a polite request from a friend.

Six Things- (Not that y'all care in the least)

What Was I Doing Ten Years Ago – 1998:

Ten years ago this month I was at Children’s Hospital INOVA with the Hurricane, scared out of my mind.

5 Things On My To Do List For Today:

Book plane ticket to NOLA in July.

Take Miss Thing’s enrollment crap over to the community college to register for dual enrollment next year.

Call Jack and find out why the brand new, very pricey, French doors are now leaking.

Figure out what the hell the Hurricane did with his baseball mitt since he has a game tonight.

Mail sympathy card to cousin Judy.

Snacks I enjoy:

Well I really do try and avoid snackage, you will note the operative word is try..
Olive Oil & Rosemary Triscuits
Bleu Cheese
Soft pretzels
Dark chocolate (ohh, those Choxies with the sea salt and almonds, yumm)

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:

Establish a substantial philanthropic trust in order to be able to spread the cash around to causes I feel are worthy. And find some really smart person to run it so it becomes a genuine force for good, as opposed to tossing cash around to make me feel good about being lucky enough to get rich.

Build a fabulous house (not terribly large, just completely fabulous) someplace warm and sunny by the ocean so Tate and I can retire in comfort.

Build a house for Baby Sister and the Old Fart- with separate wings.

Pay off both Brother's mortgages.

Establish a trust for my kids that ensures they will be secure, but forces them to work for it and be productive or it goes to a home for stray cats or some such.

Indulge in the one completely disgusting, over the top and totally silly over priced article I desire- a black Hermes Kelly Bag.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

See the whole, entire world.

Places I Have Lived:

Charlottesville, VA

Chapel Hill, NC


Arlington, VA

Blogs I enjoy:

Tater, Tony, Gavin, my sweet Wills, my blog mamma Lynette, Miss Cowbell, Miss Elizabeth, Al Cousin Rainey, The Hat, Sling, Citizen of the World, that crazy Billy Pilgrim and many others, but the list grows long and my allotted bloggy time short-

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stop me, please!!

Should you see me in the checkout line at Home Depot with yet another can of Behr “Colossal pain in the ass requiring 4 coats, because it’s a nightmare to work with, but undeniably fabulous” red enamel paint, please stage an intervention right there and make me take it back and leave immediately. I have obviously lost the ability to control myself in this matter.

Thanking you very kindly in advance.

Best regards,