Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random hilarity

For no reason other than the fact that I really needed a laugh. OK, I admit I actually do love Elmo too. And Ricky Gervais, his David Brent really was genius.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I could be wrong.

I frequently am..

Let’s have a hypothetical (not) scenario, shall we? You have a couple that married, produced a child and than divorced. You later remarried and ostenisibly your son was integrated into this “blended family”.

Your son however states to his close friends more than once (over a couple of decades) that he has “”the family I was born with and the one I chose.” Humm…

Your son spends nearly every holiday, his birthday and his vacations with his chosen family- not you. Humm.. Except for Grandma, because she’s cool like that.

Your son is dying and the people that got him into an experimental treatment protocol, praying they could save him, and the people that were there dealing with the doctors and held his hand as he slipped away were his “chosen” family- not his blood relations. Humm…

A “Mother” that goes on a cruise while her son is in the hospital is not a Mother.

A “Father” that has to delay a funeral because he has to work it into his schedule is not a Father. (Especially if you’re Jewish- that’s just disrespectful.)

And now suddenly the chosen family isn’t “good enough” to participate in the memorial.

Would that not tell you that you are beyond fucked up? But that’s just my opinion. Perhaps I’m being unduly harsh, I can be like that, I can be a judgmental bitch that way,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't shake the sad today.

A very old and dear friend died last night. It was a blessing. The pain was great and he'd suffered long enough. I was looking through some old pictures in order to find a few for a friend that's putting together something for the funeral services and I couldn't decide if I wanted to laugh or keep crying.

The hysterical picture of the two of us when I was just about to have Miss Thing standing in front of the ice cream shop in Arlington I used to love made me bust out laughing. He went to the OB often enough with me that the nurses were very confused as to who the father actually was...

One of a drunken evening at our old apartment with the woman he should have married, that made me ever so sad...

A lot of years. A whole lot of years. He liked to claim he introduced the Beast and I. Not really, I actually picked the Beast up in a bar, but I always told him I'd be happy to blame him if he really wanted me to.

Farewell and godspeed old friend. I'll never be able to go down to the river without thinking of you. Rest well.