Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No video involved, how shocking!!

My current spate of video blogging hath multiple reasons my dears- I’ve been both tired and lazy. Life has been a wee bit intense here of late and sometimes the easy way out is really not such a bad thing. And yes, I probably could justify my way out of damn near anything, given a minute to think.. Look at it as a gift.

Daddy is still in rehab and is not doing his usual bounce back- whole lot of weird going on there that seems to have no viable answer. Perhaps old and tired is just the only answer one can give at this point. Baby Sister is pretty well melting down in a most alarming way, for multiple reasons. It’s like herding cats, therefore I give up trying.

Miss Thing turned 16 on the 20th and a good time was indeed had by all. She was offered any celebration within reason (and outside of reason, as all she’d have had to do would be to ask Daddy) She opted for dinner at home- peculiar child. But what the hell you want me to smoke ribs for you, and make you BBQ shrimp and grits; well that’s what you get kiddo..

I’ve had a little medical weird of my own going on that seems to be nibbling away at my spare moments. Being a human pincushion is really quite time consuming. I have however had a chance to catch up on some reading whilst sitting and waiting, and waiting and waiting.. Ironic how doctors genuinely irritate the shit out of me, given the number of years I was in medical practice management, huh?

And yes, I am still job hunting, and still unsuccessfully, in the midst of all this fun, thanks for asking. But spring has sprung and all things will resolve themselves in time.

The bears are out and about, and it appears we have a troublemaker in the bunch this year. A few nights ago (or mornings more precisely) I heard a noise around 2AM on my deck. Got up to investigate, flipped on the light and there’s a damn bear balanced on the railing giving me the “What??” look. Now in and of itself this wouldn’t be too peculiar except for the fact that said deck is surrounded by an 8 foot stockade fence, and is off the second floor; now that was a first I must say.. I shooed him off and went back to bed. And hour later, here we go again, I look out my bedroom window on the first floor and what do I see but 300 pounds or so of bear butt balancing on the fence trying another route up. Stubborn bear, I must say. Most especially since I go to great lengths to coexist with them by never leaving anything out they can consider a food source. Great, I get the crazy bear! Well the nice bear biologist guy came and investigated, seems the boy has been causing havoc all over the general vicinity so it looks like he may have to be relocated if he keeps up the mischief.

Well that’s all the news that fits at the moment folks, hope you’re all well, safe and happy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Hat won't fret..

All is well- wrong end of the state precious. It is however one hell of a mess down there and I'm thankful that the many friends we have in the vicinity weren't in the path of the tornado!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A very random Friday video

Well the "video" part kind of stinks, but it's the only full version of the song I found. TV show theme or not, you have to admit it's a great song! My kids think it's hysterical that I start with the dancing every time it comes on my iTunes mix-
Just ignore the screen and open your ears...

Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just for a smile-

The combination of the incomparable Emmylou Harris with Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson, what more can I say? From my favorite 'rockumentary" ever. "The Last Waltz"
Damn, I loved The Band..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's underappreciated artist-

I always felt Robert Palmer's few successful songs actually derailed his career. He was quite prolific and was recording almost to his untimely death. His depth was far greater than those couple of catchy songs. So picking one was pretty hard- so here you go with a few of my personal favorites. Sadly i couldn't find a decent recording of Every Kind of People.

This remix of Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You was always one of my favorites, it really is a brilliant arrangement-

And Sneaking Sally Through the Alley was a real classic-

Those four or so hits were truly not the sum of this very talented man. And what a shame he went so young, who knows what else he'd have accomplished.

Friday, April 18, 2008

it's been a really complicated day-

I needed a little beautiful- Nureyev in arguably one of his finest moments, and the incomparable Fonteyn. He was beyond magnificent, the one time I was blessed to have seen him live on stage my heart quite literally stopped.. and the one brief moment I met him in person was quite memorable- There may never be a partnership quite like that again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's OK, really!!

Well it was awfully sweet of y’all to worry. But no, I’m neither dead nor have I expatriated south with Antonio Banderas to start my blissful fantasy life in the tropics.

My love and thanks to Tate, Tony, Wills, Jeff and all you other dears that called or wrote to check in on me. I’ve just been rather preoccupied, and downright busy. Daddy went into the hospital. Things got bad, real bad. Then things got somewhat better. So now he’s in rehab and we’re trying to figure out what the hell to do next. Brother #1 is having some very hard times at the moment- and while there’s nothing I can do about it, I do fret nonetheless.. Baby Sister is losing her shit in a major way over the Daddy situation, and her personal life- lord don’t get me started on that. Find a nice lesbian to settle down with and quit being someone's experiment already! Oy.. OK after 10 years in a relationship and getting dumped, I can kind of see it- but seriously honey, find someone committed full time to your team, you know full well it is going to end badly. Need I remind you???

The boy has had a horrid bout of bronchitis again, and given his immune deficiency I tend to get a wee bit freaked out when something like this drags on. The girl is getting ready to turn 16 this weekend, trying to get her NHS application done and figure out what to do this summer, among other teenaged angst.. Just shoot me now, OK??

And I’m still looking for a damn job.. And I’m fairly sure I finally started my midlife crisis.. How come 46 year old moms don’t get to freak out, buy a sports car and date a hottie half their age??? The injustice!!!

Well if I make light of it I can’t go over the edge kids.. Hope all my dears are well, safe and happy. And I swear I’ll check in more often so I don’t worry y’all (yes Jeff, that means you)- really, I do promise.. It’s good to have my virtual posse, really! No jokes, all kidding aside it really is a comfort to know there are a few people out there that think of me =..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Next up-

On our list of under-appreciated artists we have the one and only Delbert McClinton. There are sadly not a lot of videos, as Delbert has always been a music festival or big ass bar with a stage kind of guy. But he is widely regarded by musicians as one of the best harmonica players alive, a fine guitar player and an all around good guy. And having shared "refreshments" after a show (get your minds out of the gutters there people) a couple of times, I have to agree. And I love, love, love that man's voice.. well that and he was one damn fine looking man in his prime, that didn't hurt.

First up, probably his one big hit- and yes Cowbell, this one REALLY has More Cowbell in it..

And just so you can hear the man play the harp.. And yes Granny, another Texas boy.

Oh yeah- Elvin Bishop and Paul Thorn rock out pretty hard in this one too.

Have a lovely evening dears..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Have you ever noticed..

That the most thunderous moments of self-realization, or the truest instances of being at the very edge of reason frequently occur in front of a bathroom mirror?

Rather curious, don’t you think?

Our mood meter for the day.

Crappy video, great song. No one could do it like Lowell.. I miss him still.

Carry on people.