Friday, July 25, 2008

See you darlings in about a week..

Heading for NOLA! I'm planning to eat my way through town, dress up as much as humanly possible and spend some excellent quality time with my dear Buddyboy. And naturally Mrs. Buddyboy and my boy Elvis, the coolest cat in the universe!)

Gonna wander the garden district in my new fabulous red dress with my white parasol, eat myself silly, listen to some great music, dance at a really good fais do do with the one and only Bruce Daigrepont and generally have a hell of a good time sans kids..

Y'all be nice to each other and take care, see you in about a week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Under the heading of -WHY?-

What is it with this administration that it is so hell bent on destruction? Here at home as well as abroad. Not only is this another example of being plain not right, but it begs the question WHY?? Is this screwing up Cheney's Elk hunting or something? I really don't get it- this reasoning is the same they more or less used to start slaughtering wild bison because of less than a hundred cattle that got in their way.. I thought perhaps I was missing the big picture, so I asked a friend who happens to be a third generation rancher in Montana. We'll he's pretty sick about it actually, but I grant you tends to be a live and let live kind of guy.. I'm sorry I just can't fathom this shit at all. Read it and if you can give me an explanation, please do, because I really must be missing something in this somewhere.

The restoration of the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies is one of America's greatest environmental success stories. Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone and the central Idaho wilderness in 1995 after being exterminated by settlers, trappers and the federal government. Since then, these new populations have increased to 1,500 or so animals. Wolves play a crucial role in the ecosystems of the Northern Rockies, helping to preserve riparian forests and maintain healthy populations of raptors and coyotes. They are also a boon to the region's economy, generating tens of millions of dollars in tourist revenue each year.

But Rocky Mountain wolves are now in grave danger. In March 2008, the Bush Administration stripped gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone and across the Northern Rockies of endangered species protection. Earlier in the year, the administration issued a new rule allowing the slaughter of hundreds of these wolves. Entire packs of wolves could be gunned down from airplanes in minutes. In fact, the federal government has already spent our tax dollars to buy two planes for the purpose of aerial gunning.

Both Idaho and Wyoming have made it clear that they intend to take their wolf populations down to minimum levels. In Idaho, the governor himself boasted, "I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself." The Bush Administration's new rule would allow Idaho to realize its dream of killing every last wolf -- 60 in all -- in the Clearwater River wilderness region. Ultimately, the state wants to kill up to 85 percent of its approximately 780 wolves. Under this cruel plan, even wolf pups could be killed.

Wyoming's plans are equally brutal. The state classifies wolves as "predatory animals" in most of the state. As predators, wolves could be shot on sight anywhere by anyone at anytime. In the 80 percent of Wyoming outside the Yellowstone area, wolves will now be killed in unlimited numbers -- with no licenses or permits required.
By authorizing these wolf killing plans, the Bush Administration is catering to the hunting community, which wants the ease of hunting elk in the same places and in the same numbers that they've grown accustomed to. Yet, elk populations are at all-time highs across the Northern Rockies and above objectives in all three states. In fact, the game and fish agencies in the region are taking steps to reduce their elk herds.

Wolves are being targeted because of a few cases where elk herds have declined. But these declines have been caused by many factors, including drought, shrinking habitat and human hunters -- not just wolves. Under the Bush Administration's plan, wolves alone will be blamed for any and all declines in a few elk populations. And that will be grounds enough for shooting and trapping hundreds of wolves across two states. Wolves will be killed for doing what they are supposed to do: maintain a healthy ecosystem by preying on elk.

Instead of killing wolves, Wyoming and Idaho should be redoubling their efforts to protect them in the face of mounting development and other habitat destruction. The Bush Administration should protect wolves under the Endangered Species Act until the states have plans in place to ensure that wolf populations will flourish in the future. They should make certain that connections are maintained between the three populations in the Northern Rockies so that these populations remain genetically healthy. These ecological bridges are increasingly important as rural sprawl and industrial development continue to fragment wolf habitat throughout the region.

This is just really, really fucked up.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Because I love her..

And also for a very dear and loving friend of mine that makes all burdens easier to bear just knowing you're out there.

And additionally I have always wanted to know what moisturizer she uses.. I'm convinced there's a portrait stuffed in an attic somewhere.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home again, home again..

I managed to do no grave physical damage nor apply duct tape in creative ways to any family member, are you not proud of me?

First off, I do genuinely love them- however in my mind there can indeed be such a thing as too much togetherness.. So I tend to try and make sure we all get a little alone time somewhere in the course of any trip. I could have used a wee bit more truthfully..

Knowing full well that this bastion of north woods tacky offended my sensibilities, The Beast further realized, upon entry to said hotel, this was akin to taking a day off from your kids and choosing to go to Chuck E Cheese for lunch- He tried to make amends as best he could, which was duly noted and appreciated. The spa was not bad, I wouldn’t make a day trip to get there, but all in all more than adequate. As the area is also the land of major outlets, I did do some power shopping. This nearly made up for hundreds of small screaming children in an indoor water park. Which I have to admit, was pretty darn well done for a self contained attraction.. And as the weather sucked, it turned into a good thing, as the Hurricane would have been bored out of his skull.. However, the lad seemed to not understand that there’s only so much time an adult human is going to spend immersed in chlorine going down water slides and thus got a bit of an attitude when I drew the line at around 4 hours.. but thankfully I wasn’t forced to jerk a knot in him, so it all worked out.

Well the night before departure the boys were a bit cranky and had no desire to go out for dinner, so I ordered a pizza and abandoned them to take Miss Thing out for dinner. It was genuinely delightful. Fabulous meal, exceptional service and the chef was absolutely adorable and plied us with a lovely lagniappe in the form of a few small plates. Most satisfactory, all the way around. But truthfully it was fun spending time with my girl. She loved our spa time together, but she really seemed to get a kick out of having me to herself for a very adult meal. She’s growing up so fast, it was nice to be able to sit and appreciate her as a teenager for a little bit, a mature teen I grant you, but still possessed of those few fun things that make them enjoyable at that age- when you are graced with one of their non butthead moments, grab them!

Now to go forth and tackle Mt. Washmore and get things back to what passes for normal around here.. How the hell can four people generate that much laundry?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Only in my world..

Heading out for our interrupted vacation here in a bit- I'll tell you the entire tale later, but the reader's digest condensed version is as follows:

The lake house was rented last week by a pack 'o Bubbas. The Bubbas decided to do a fish fry the last night they had the rental. The Bubbas proceeded to catch the kitchen on fire (yes, really). Couldn't check in as planned, thankfully the nice owner called before we had hit the road.

So, no lake house.. The Beast took matters in his own hands and made reservations at a resort in Williamsburg. I was OK with this, there are some pretty swanky resorts down that way. Oh hell no, he booked us into The Great Wolf Lodge. Mickey Mouse mated with a she wolf from Alaska and they spat this chain of "family friendly" resorts out.. Great, screaming munchkins en masse running about, with an indoor waterpark and ghastly decor to boot. At least there's a full service bar and a spa.

I'll tell you all the no doubt interesting details upon my return. And if you see something on CNN about a murder/suicide in those parts, you'll know the true story.

Have a swell holiday my dears!