Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Thursday Video

Primarily because I was just in the mood for Rosie Ledet this morning.

Have a lovely Thursday, carry on with whatever you were doing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clara is just too adorable!

I know everyone has seen this dear sweet grandma-

But Clara makes me smile. And makes me glad I actually paid attention when both my Grandmothers told me their depression stories, and later during my starving early twenties, taught me more than a few things about living on the cheap.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler Y'all!

Have an excellent Fat Tuesday people.

And mainly because I love Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys- just hard to find a good video.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well that was awfully nice-

Buddyboy hit town and we managed to get together for linner (that would be way too late for lunch and too early for dinner) and were joined by two excellent friends a bit later on. All in all it was a lovely visit, we yakked on and on and caught up. Considering how often we text, email or call you'd think that would be somewhat unnecessary. Well actually it isn't.

Managed to also grab coffee this morning before he had to make himself scarce, which was also good. While every moment was genuinely lovely, we were both still a little sad remembering again how hard it's been not seeing one another all the time. The food was great, the wine as well, the conversation amazing and hysterical as always, and the hugs were the absolute best. But having to say goodbye still does make both of us rather sad still to this day. We both tear up a little when we say goodbye, but don't flat out cry like we used to. That's progress.

But on the whole I'd rather have a friend that finishes my thoughts, makes me laugh hysterically and always knows whats in my heart be a bit too far away than not have one at all...

I'm a lucky, lucky person to have such an amazing person as a friend.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter 1: Wherein our heroine unwittingly steps into a parallel universe. And does not like it one bit.

In this parallel reality she finds her son, the typical messy unkempt 11 year old boy, has turned into a creature who not only bathes regularly without prompting, but suddenly is channeling his inner Hedi Slimane. And to add insult to injury is fielding calls from multiple girls for hours on end each evening. But luckily remains sweet and cuddly and remembers to tell his Mom he loves her at least five times a day.

Her husband, the man who is generally oblivious, up and made dinner reservations. On his own. With absolutely no prompting. And chose an absolutely fabulous restaurant- on his own. This from the man that could care less about food and thinks the entire concept of a tasting menu is moronic and given the choice would rather be eating at Gracie’s Diner. She ponders the import on the assumption he's banking brownie points for something really, really bad.

Her daughter, the self directed straight A student, who has never given her parents a moment of anything resembling real trouble in her nearly 17 years, pulled a C as her final in Spanish. This is not a letter of the alphabet that has ever been sighted on an actual report card. She simply didn’t bother with trivialities like homework for that class. And to further add insult to injury said child has decided that the favored class for the repeat performance is going to be AP Calculus. Oh great, please do pick the one that counts for college credit!! Upon being confronted, the obstinate teen declares the world is going to hell in a hand basket , all she has to look forward to is a life of corporate servitude and she really doesn’t give a damn about anything. At which point our heroine comes to the thundering realization she’s really fucked this up- but simply can’t put her finger on what precisely and realizes she has no idea how to go about fixing this one. And she really, really wishes to find the exit to her actual universe posthaste.

Let the lawsuits begin!

I'm not normally a litigious sort, but it this case I think it's warranted.

That really has to be one of the more morally repugnant things I can recall reading about recently- and it hasn't exactly been a slow news month in that regard y'all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Merely trying to be helpful.

Dear Blonde lady in the lavender Escalade,

As you were very obviously in a terrible hurry to get to a no doubt crucial appointment concerning the transition or the stimulus package or some such, I wanted to take a small moment to bring a little matter to your attention that I’m sure you were too busy to take note of.

When you swerved over into my lane and nearly hit the car in front of me as well as myself, you may not have noticed the five or six other vehicles that also narrowly avoided a large and dangerous pile up. And when you essentially slammed on your brakes to make that right into the nice gated community, this did rather make the rest of us somewhat uncomfortable.

On behalf of the others involved in this incident, as well as myself, I’d like to offer a small primer, if you will, regarding announcing your intentions to those around you whilst behind the wheel.

I would suggest the following instructions be followed in a nice safe place like your driveway, with the vehicle in park. Once you are seated, you will observe in front of you the steering wheel- this is the thing you place the hand that doesn’t currently contain your cell phone or lipstick on. Good. Now if you look carefully to the left- the left side is the side where the hand that has excessively the large diamond on it is- there is a thing sticking out of the wheel on that side. This is called either a turn signal or an indicator, because it announces your intention to turn your vehicle to other drivers. Clever, no? Now push down on it, hear the clicking sound? Excellent! You just communicated that you are going to turn left (ring side, remember?) now if you push it upwards you’ll hear the same clicking sound and it tells others you mean to turn right (that’s the side where your purse is sitting dear) and then back to the middle.

Like any new skill this can be no doubt daunting, but I have full confidence that with practice you’ll have it down in no time! And if I may, one more small matter. The small child that was roaming about the back end that got slammed into the window when this occurred may well have sustained minor head trauma, you may want someone to take a look at that. In the future you can save yourself the inconvenience of having your child’s head x-rayed if you utilize the seat belts the nice car manufacturers put in the vehicle. Just a thought.

Kindest regards,

Dora Smith Long

Friday, February 06, 2009

For mindless super entertainment powers

And because the second try got the "Meaty Glorious Samurai" Huh? Just wish there was a better selection of accessories. Guess I'll have to check in with Marvel and see what they have going on.

Have some mindless fun y'all, it's Friday!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

This is soooo not good...

My cell phone had a SIM card crash. Who the hell knew such a thing could happen?? OK I'm sure that would be everyone but me. Aside from the fact that the nearest store for replacement is very, very geographically inconvienent, my address book is toast. This really, terminally sucks. Yes I know my own fault for not backing the phone up better, blah blah blah...

Five years of phone numbers- poof!

Umm, feel free to email your numbers - you know who you are.

Sucks, sucks, sucks!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hey, Ticketmaster! Know what??

You can kiss my ass!! I have had it with you people! But I for once got the upper hand, so there!

Monday at 9:55 I log on and prepare to purchase some Springsteen tickets, at 10:00 your server goes haywire- yet again. I’m sure y’all had no idea (since it’s happened a thousand times before) that many thousands of people were going to hit you for tickets at that precise moment. At 10:10 when I finally get processed into the queue, your system tells me there’s nothing left but points me to your sister site Tickets Now or whatever it is, that lo and behold DOES have tickets- at twice to four times the venue price. You’re assholes.

In frustration I go back to the home page and note that he’s playing at UVA- the John Paul Jones Arena is actually a really nice venue- about a third of the size of he Verizon Center or any of the others so I got my self on over to the UVA web site and purchased (without any hassle at all) excellent seats in a much better venue for fair market price. Another good reason for Miss Thing to attend Mr. Jefferson's University, they get awesome concerts and I'd get student rates.

So y’all can pound sand, this is the umteenth time you’ve nailed me this way, and it ain’t gonna happen again.

Hell hath no fury-

Like an 11 year old boy denied a snow day after the first really good sledding snow of the year fell the night before…

The reaction was decidedly NOT pretty, I can assure you.